Anneli Fügedi


My PhD project focuses on the dynamics of octopus mating systems and consequences of their reproductive strategies on specific life history traits (growth). Particularly, multiple paternity within single broods and male reproductive success will be investigated and tested in the pale octopus, Octopus pallidus. Also, paternal/genetic influence on growth in juvenile O. pallidus will be further examined. To this end, I’m using polymorphic microsatellite markers to genotype the samples for subsequent paternity analysis. Results from this project will provide further knowledge on octopus mating systems and will facilitate the sustainability of O. pallidus fisheries and a model for other ecologically and commercially important species of cephalopods around the world by highlighting key aspects of octopus mating systems and growth dynamics.

Previous work includes;

Population genetic structure and connectivity of serranids (groupers) on Western Australian reefs and East Indian Ocean reefs at Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Island.

The dynamics of hybridization between two butterflyfishes, Chaetodon lunulatus and Chaetodon trifasciatus, sympatric in the restricted area at Christmas Island. The results from this study was later incorporated in a larger project and published  (Montanari et al 2012).


▪    PhD at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies/University of Tasmania, Australia, 2011-present.
▪    GDipResMeth – Marine Biology at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, 2008-2009.
▪    BSc – Marine Biology at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, 2005-2007.


Montanari SR, van Herwerden L, Pratchett MS, Hobbs J-PA and Fugedi A (2012) Reef fish hybridization: lessons learnt from butterflyfishes (genus Chaetodon). Ecology and Evolution.