Elize Ng

PhD Candidate

I am broadly interested in evolutionary and population genomics, with a specific interest in understanding the evolution of the genome and to elucidate the processes through which contemporary populations have come to be.

My previous work at the National University of Singapore focused on population and conservation genomics. Genomic methods were used to understand the population genomic structure of threatened songbird species popular in the caged-bird trade and to make conservation recommendations to retain genomically unique lineages (e.g. subspecies or unique morphs/traits) while maintaining sufficient genetic diversity.

I was also involved in untangling the taxonomy of a few cryptic species complexes (Brown Cuckoo Dove Macropygia phasianella, White-tailed Robin Myiomela leucura, Rote Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus rotiensis) through integrative taxonomy methods involving the use of morphology, bioacoustics, and genetics.

For my PhD, I will investigate the paleohistorical climate influences on Antarctic seabirds using whole genomes to reconstruct the demographic histories of each species. I will also be exploring the genomic effect of hybridisation and species limits in two sister seabird species.

Selected Publications

Full publication list available on Google Scholar and ResearchGate

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