Paul Saunders

Postdoctoral Researcher

Some of the most informative new observation on vertebrate sex and sex chromosomes have come from animals that are far from being models” Jennifer A. Marshall Graves, 2008.


I’m a French evolutionary biologist interested in the evolution of sex determination and sex chromosomes. I have a strong interest in species/taxa exhibiting out of the ordinary sex determining systems and/or unusual rates of changes in their sex determining mechanisms.

Over the last few years, my work has focused on the study of the causes and consequences of the evolution of the weird sex determination system of the African pygmy mouse Mus minutoides (U. of Montpellier, FR). I’ve also done some theoretical work to shed light on the forces involved in sex chromosome turnover, and especially the high turnover rates observed in taxa like Ranidae frogs (U. of Lausanne, CH).

My work at UTAS (in collaboration with Chris Burridge, Erik Wapstra, Tariq Ezaz from U. of Canberra, and Oleg Simakov from U. of Vienna, AUT) will focus on the evolutionary genomics of sex chromosomes in the spotted snow skink Carinascincus ocellatus, which has a mixed sex determination system (sex chromosomes + temperature override) and exhibits between-population variation in sex determination.

Publications: Google Scholar

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