Chris Burridge


My research interests encompass three disciplines. Firstly, I am interested in the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships based on DNA sequences to address questions of biogeography and earth history, trait evolution, macroecology, and taxonomy. Secondly, I am interested in the use of molecular data for the inference of historical and contemporary movement of individuals among populations, and changes in population size (impact of perturbations, past climate changes etc.). I am also interested in the study of evolution at the molecular level, particularly that involving the molecular clock hypothesis, but also mitochondrial genomics.

My research initially concentrated on fishes, but it now spans a range of animal taxa (and even some non-animals).


▪ Graduate Certificate in University Teaching & Learning. University of Tasmania, 2011.
▪ Ph.D. Evolutionary genetics of cirrhitoid fishes. University of Tasmania, 2000.
▪ B.Sc (Hons) Molecular phylogeny of cheilodactylid and latrid fishes. University of Tasmania, 1995.
▪ B.Sc University of Tasmania, 1992-1994.

Selected Publications

Martin A, Burridge CP, Ingram J, Fraser TA, Carver S (2018) Invasive pathogen drives host population collapse: effects of a travelling wave of sarcoptic mange on bare-nosed wombats. Journal of Applied Ecology

Kozakiewicz CP, Carver S, Burridge CP (2018). Under-representation of avian studies in landscape genetics. Ibis

Durrant HMS, Barrett NS, Edgar GJ, Coleman MA, Burridge CP (2018). Seascape habitat patchiness and hydrodynamics explain genetic structuring of kelp populations. Marine Ecology Progress Series

Hill P, Burridge CP, Ezaz T, Wapstra E (2018) Conservation of sex-linked markers among conspecific populations of a viviparous skink, Niveoscincus ocellatus exhibiting genetic and temperature dependent sex determination. Genome Biology & Evolution

Martin A, fraser T, Lesku J, Simpson K, Roberts G, Garvey J, Polkinghorne A, Burridge CP, Carver S (2018). The cascading consequences of Sarcoptes scabiei infection that manifest in host disease. Royal Society Open Science

Hohnen R, Tuft K, Legge S, Hillyer M, Spencer P, Radford IJ, Johnson CN, Burridge CP (2016) Rainfall and topography predict gene flow among populations of the declining northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus). Conservation Genetics

Craw D, Craw L, Burridge CP, Wallis GP, Waters JM (2016) Evolution of the Taieri River catchment, East Otago, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics

Craw D, Burridge CP (2016) Fine-scale habitat preferences influence within-riverpopulation connectivity: a case-study using two sympatric New Zealand Galaxias fish species. Freshwater Biology

Craw D, Upton P, Burridge CP, Wallis GP, Waters JM (2015) Rapid biological speciation driven by tectonic evolution in New-Zealand. Nature Geoscience

Waters JM, Craw D, Burridge CP, Kennedy M, King TM, Wallis GP (2015) Within-river genetic connectivity patterns reflect constrasting geomorphology. Journal of Biogeography

Waters JM, Burridge CP (2015) Fine-scale habitat preferences influence within-river population connectivity: a case-study using two sympatric New Zealand Galaxias fish species. Freshwater Biology

Burridge CP, McDowall RM, Craw D, Wilson MVH, and Waters JM (2012) Marine dispersal as a pre-requisite for Gondwanan vicariance among elements of the galaxiid fish fauna. Journal of Biogeography

Peucker AJ, Dann P, and Burridge CP (2009) Range-wide phylogeography of the Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor, Forster 1781): evidence for long distance dispersal. Auk

Burridge CP, Craw D, Jack DC, King TM, and Waters JM (2008) Does fish ecology predict dispersal across a river drainage divide? Evolution

Burridge CP, Craw D, Fletcher D, and Waters JM (2008) Geological dates and molecular rates: fish DNA sheds light on time-dependency. Molecular Biology and Evolution

Burridge CP, and Versace VL (2007) Population genetic structuring in Acanthopagrus butcheri (Pisces: Sparidae): does low gene flow among estuaries apply to both sexes? Marine Biotechnology

Burridge CP, Meléndez R, and Dyer BS (2006) Independent origins of the Juan Fernández kelpfish fauna (Perciformes: Chironemidae), and evidence for frequent and unidirectional dispersal of cirrhitoid fishes across the South Pacific. Systematic Biology

Recent funding

Burridge, C.P., Jones, M.E., Brüniche-Olsen, A., Austin, J.J., and Murchison, L. “Effects of DFTD on genetic diversity in the Tasmanian Devil”. Eric Guiler Grant (2011)

Burridge, C.P. “Grant-Scientific Visit to Taiwan: Genetic Variation in the Indo-Pacific Fish Genus Acanthopagrus. Australian Academy of Science (2010)

Burridge, C.P., Austin, J.J., Pridell, D., Carlile, N., Worthy, T.P. “Conservation genetics of the Providence Petrel”. Seaworld Research and Rescue Foundation (2011)

Jordan, G.J., Baker, S.C., Spies, T.A., Burridge, C.P., Wardlaw, T.J., and Franklin, J.F. “Managing variable retention harvesting to maintain forest biodiversity—effects of forest influence and successional stage on recolonisation”. Australian Research Council – Linkage (2010-2012)


▪ KPZ164 Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
▪ KZA215 Tasmanian Fauna: Ecological and Evolutionary Studies
▪ KZA360 Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management (unit coordinator)
▪ KZA301 Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology
▪ KZA304 Zoology Research Project (unit coordinator)
▪ KPA377 Molecular Ecology and Evolution
▪ KZA407 Zoology (Honours)

Past Students

• Danielle Nankervis (Hons) – Conservation genetics of the wedge-tailed eagle.
• Kaitlyn Higgins (Hons) – Population genetics of Octopus pallidus.
• Celeste Jacq (PhD) – Population genetics of the common jollytail (Galaxias maculatus) from the volcanic plains of SW Victoria.
• Fiona Hogan (PhD) – Molecular ecology of the powerful owl (Ninox strenua).
• Rebecca Overeem (PhD) – Ecology of the little penguin (Eudyptula minor) in Victoria and South Australia.
• Vince Versace (Hons) – Population genetics of the black bream Acanthopagrus butcheri.
• Shannon Loughnan (Hons) – Development microsatellite markers for aquaculture and conservation studies of Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii peelii).
• Fiona McCure (Hons) – Influence of land clearance on population structuring in the native bush rat (Rattus fuscipes).
• Morgan Jaguar (Hons) – Phylogeography of the southern pygmy perch (Nannoperca australis).

Curriculum vitae